Course Details and Requirements

This course is an introductory English language course related to the world of wine. You will work through a number of practical activities with video explanations on how to do the exercises. You will also find pdf documents with activities, video corrections, automatic corrections when provided, teacher corrections when specified, and so on. Every stage has been explained in detail so you don’t get frustrated and feel lost while learning. If you don’t know what to do at a specific point of the course, please contact us through the support page. We are here to help you.

The course is based on learning-by-doing and not just sitting there in front of your screen listening to Andrew, your instructor, blab on about wine. The best way to learn is by putting things into practice, making vocabulary lists, writing and taking notes, etc. You will have quizzes, surveys and other activities to do in the lessons. We will follow your learning experience, as that is what we do best here at Wine Aspects. This is not just another online course, where you are alone. We want to learn with you, and see where we can improve our courses to be even more useful for you, the STUDENT. This is a student-centred course as you are the important one here. We are just here to guide and help you along the way.

At the end of every module, there is a short test which will help you see if you have taken in all the items covered. Is there an exam at the end of the course? Exams are strategies to see if you have created a solid foundation to move onto the next learning stage. Don’t be nervous, but exams do make you put in that extra piece of effort. So the answer is yes, there is an exam and you will receive the English for Wine Lovers certificate after completing the whole course.

The course should take you approximately 12 – 16 hours depending on how deep you want to go into the language side of the course. We know it can take 10  hours in the classroom as we have been doing this course since 2015. We don’t want you to speed through the units as that would be a waste of time. Put what you learn into practice. It is not just about getting a certificate. The main aim is for you to build a foundation for the future. Just for your information, this is the first of many related courses that have been created by Wine Aspects and that will take you on a learning journey to make you feel more confident. We have been teaching students at Wine Aspects since 2009 and our main instructor, Andrew Ashurst, has been a teacher the whole of his career.        

The minimum technological requirements for all of our courses are:

  • A computer so as to follow the online course
  • Internet connection
  • A pdf reader
  • A printer is optional if you want to print off the pdf documents and take notes.

What else will you need? We strongly advise people to takes notes while learning so a pen and paper will be handy. You may also need 2 wine glasses and different wines, depending on the course you have chosen to follow.

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