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Do you work in the wine sector? Do you sometimes find it difficult to come up with the correct word when not talking in your mother tongue? Do you want to be more fluent when talking in English and show people that you are the professional they are looking for? Well, you are in the right place. We give professionals in the wine business the tools to help them on their journey and make them feel more confident and fluent when talking in English about wine.

Let’s take this course one step further. Are you somebody that loves English and has always loved learning languages, but have never found a course that is different? Why not learn about the fascinating world of wine and learn English at the same time? It is said that people that know more about a subject tend to appreciate it more. Why not learn about wine in another language? As they say in English: You can kill two birds with one stone.

This course also helps all those people that would like to take exams in English in the wine sector such as WSET, Wine Scholar Guild, etc. It will give you that little step up when it comes to confidence. You don’t want to be worrying about the fact of not knowing words in English. You just have to study the wine content and concentrate on getting that certificate. So, if you are a wine professional or a wine lover, this is the first of many courses for you. Let us help you on your learning journey by motivating and helping you over those hurdles.

If you are wondering if the course is difficult regarding the English level, we would say that you need a minimum of an A2 or pre-intermediate level up (advanced-levelled students have also taken this course). The course has been created to make people learn and use the English language at the same time. We concentrate on vocabulary and the correct use of English in the world of wine, be it in the cellar or at a table eating with friends.

Let’s get down to learning about wine in English.

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