Introduction to the Sessions

Thank you ever so much for signing up to An approach to wine in English. You may be asking yourself why we have created this course. Well, it is quite simple. Andrew Ashurst (Wine Aspects) and David Molina (Outlook Wine) love sharing their experience and passion with wine lovers and professionals alike. They have a firm belief in developing students to think for themselves and be independent, but this does come with study and rigorous analysis, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Andrew and David want to take you back to when they started in the wine sector making mistakes in the English language. Yep, that is right, MAKING MISTAKES. In Andrew’s case, it was more about concepts, while in David’s case it was more down to the use of English. So, get ready to look at common mistakes and misuses, while learning basic ways to use English while tasting wines.

As we want you to have the best experience possible, we have made the following video in English with subtitles (click on the CC button in the bottom righthand corner of the video viewer)  to show you how to navigate around Wine Aspects Academy. If you have any questions or doubts, contact us directly via the support page. Please remember that you will need a computer with good internet access along with another mobile device like a mobile telephone or tablet, also with an internet connection.


To get the most out of this course, we have selected a list of wines so as to interact with other participants and put the language learnt into practice. You can purchase the wines at your local wine merchant, Vilaviniteca or Petit Celler.

Here is our selection with an approximate price:

1st Session: “Open Whites”

– Viña Esmeralda 9,00€ PVP

– Castillo Monjardin Chardonnay 9,00€ PVP

2nd Session: “Open Reds”

– Scala Dei Garnatxa 11,00€ PVP

– Jean León Merlot-Petit Verdot 12,00€ PVP

3rd Session: “Fine Bubbles and Sweetness”

– Freixenet Cuvée DS 16,00€ PVP

– Pedro Ximenez Nectar Gonzaelz Byass 9,00€ PVP

Don’t forget, if you have any difficulties with accessing the website, please contact us straight away. And don’t forget to register with Zoom with the name and surname you bought this course under. It is IMPORTANT for security measures.

Thanks and see you soon.

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